WCR Mastermind First Bookclub Meeting

mcruz book clubBook: “The One Thing” by Gary Keller

Facilitation: Brandi Jones

Date: 2/09/2015

Attending: 18 members of WCR, (this was a members only event)

The facilitator shared that she had read the book 3 times and each time found new insights by reading the book. This reading she shared she noted how the chapter on the “domino” effect resonated with her.

After she gave us some ground rules for the group which included that each person would have 4 minutes to speak, and that if we went over she would “gong” us, asked permission if that was ok? And everyone agreed.

We began to share what we learned. She asked about “ah-ha” moments, and changes we had made, and also if anyone needed or wanted any accountability of their one thing she would be there to help reinforce and support our goals.

Almost everyone read the book in full, some partially and some not yet, but overall it was this writers impression that the membership shared insightful disclosure on a personal level not only how reading the book impacted our business lives, but reflection on our personal lives, values and focus as well.

Many members already had made conscious behavioral changes including the insight to occasionally put themselves first over just saying yes to please others.

The meeting balanced a serious tone of honest disclosure related from recovery of cancer treatment and other medical illness, to laughter about being proud of being a “narly” multi-tasker and now re-evaluating if that is really a good thing. From relationship issues to how to seek an enhanced balance in life was a consistent thematic, and the 90 minutes appeared to fly by.

Ideas flowed on how to evolve the club’s initial enrichment with “The One Thing” book to how the next book, “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achor was going to really take us to the next level.

Was the first meeting a success?

Did it meet expectations?

Was it meaningful? Was it worth the time?

Would you come back again? Suggest it to others?

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes…..to get involved join WCR and come on down to our next meeting which will be held at David Lyng’s office on 41st Avenue on March ????

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