Kuwamba Jazz Center; One of the most special places in Santa Cruz

Kuwamba Jazz center is one of the most special places in Santa Cruz for world class music with a venue that loves to support the artists and our community.  In 2015 this center will mark it’s 40th year anniversary in being the venue for Jazz, education and community support.

The real estate venue is small, but it’s about location, location, location and anywhere you sit or stand in this venue you get a prime spot for a very reasonable ticket price   You can become a member and at a certain level get reserved seats, or show up early and have some organic chili or an entree du jour that is balanced and fun. Deserts, local wines, beers on tap and by the bottle, and a volunteer team and staff that know how to do what they do and an audience that is mature and sensitive to really listen to the talent they bring home to Santa Cruz.

Last night I had the honor of seeing Larry Carlton and his drummer who was a rhythmic plenum, his bass player that was the king of taste, and the keyboard dude who plays with George Duke.  Larry telling stories about Les Paul, the Gibson bus, Joe Sample and the Crusaders, and then playing his Gibson 335 with the experience and technique of non-less than one of the best guitar players in the world.

Don’t know about the place?  Like Music?  Got 30 bucks saved? Shows start on time and are in time.  This place is a true gem and every time, yes every time I go, I think to myself, that was a good idea.

Dating?  Jazz?    Yes

Married, date night. Jazz? ….Yes,

Solo, just want to take some time to groove alone…Jazz?  Yes

So Mark, What is the downside?  I can only think that is challenging to go to as many shows as they provide. So many choices, some much talent, I know I have missed out on some great shows over the past year…

But I am not going to make the mistake again right now and it’s time to call…..yep…I think Stanley Clarke is my next choice.

Go to this website ok?   http://kuumbwajazz.org/

Call and speak to Brian…tell him Mark said he was the best…and if you need help on deciding which show to see, he’s not shy to tell you. In fact, one time he told me a name of guitar player…and stated, “you don’t know him”, and I said – “so tell me about him”, and he said “no, just come see him”… this guys knows – trust me.  Have fun!

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