Discretion Brewing Company

Most people who like craft beer in Santa Cruz have heard of, and ideally tried, beers brewed at Discretion Brewing Company.  The beer is, let’s face it, outstanding.  Not only is it served on 41st Ave right near local favorite Cafe Cruz….but you can find it on tap at many local dining spots with their headliner beer (in my opinion) Uncle Dave’s Rye.

But what inspired me  to write this Wednesday morning, the day before Thanksgiving is to share with you about a dish I had from their last night that was “off the chain”.

Tuesday Ramen.  This is not your ichiban ramen packet from Safeway.  This is beyond the real deal.  Living in Japan while in jr. high school, I ate a lot of Ramen. Some of the best best soba shops in Tokyo were my weekly spots to hang….if I was not eating sushi, so I feel I have a credible pallet to judge this dish.

This Ramen is by far the best in town, the best in California, the best bar-none anywhere for my taste buds and yes I did have 2 beers but my taste buds did not get distorted (the stout is also just like desert, wow)….so let me just summarize this dish for you.

The broth takes 3 days to prepare.  It is spiced, rich and absolutely delicious.  Ramen soba noodles are from Japan.  Home made kimchi (which works so well with the broth) a soft boiled egg done perfectly, in the broth and with some laces of seaweed the flavor profile is delicious, and then seared pork belly and not just that thin piece of pork most Ramen’s have, meaty juicy portion size chunks that delight.

So what’s the negatives.  On ‘Chopped’ the Judges always have to mention something negative to balance out their critique so here is mine.  This dish is so delicious and enjoyable to eat I ate it all…..way to much food for one person…..yep this is a weight gainer…and I don’t want to split it next week with my wife. I want the whole bowl again, and yes, I plan on going next Tuesday.

Did I mention the chef also prepares a host of other small plates and seasonal dishes that will rock your world.  You can’t really go wrong with a choice here…all not ok…not good…my broach the amazing level on taste.

I obviously dig this place.  On Monday’s they do an event that supports local charities call LOVE MONDAY—–how socially conscious is that?

http://www.discretionbrewing.com/  go to this website and learn more about this special place….and say hi next Tuesday ok?  I will be the guy with chops sticks and a big smile.

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