Mark Wise, REALTOR

Mark Wise, Santa Cruz Real Estate agent associated with CENTURY 21 M&M, serves Santa Cruz and the surrounding communities; Capitola, Aptos, Rio Del Mar, La Selva Beach, Scotts Valley. At this site, you’ve found a great resource for all your home buying or selling needs when it comes to the wonderful communities in the South Bay region.

Mark has become known as a problem solver in his real estate career. His ability to envision practical solutions, combined with an intense inner drive to make things happen have helped build his Santa Cruz real estate reputation.

Wise’s knowledge of the Santa Cruz Real Estate market is rock solid. His business savvy helps both buyers and sellers maximize their return on investment. Mark Wise approaches each transaction as if it were his own, tenaciously guarding his clients’ best interests at all times.

For all of your Santa Cruz Real Estate needs, Call Mark Wise at 831-420-7038.


Tips for Choosing a REALTOR®

home buyers (2)Of all the decisions you’ll face when buying a Santa Cruz home, there’s none more important than the person you choose as your real estate agent.

The job of your Santa Cruz real estate agent is to support you in finding the right home with the best possible terms, and to aid you through the entire process. Your REALTOR® will explain the process of buying a home, and familiarize you with the various activities, documents and procedures that you will experience throughout the transaction.

Tips For Selecting A REALTOR®

Your Santa Cruz Real Estate Professional should be:

  • Knowledgeable about the communities of interest to you
  • Aware of the complicated local and state requirements affecting your transaction
  • Effective in multi-party, face-to-face negotiations
  • Highly-trained, with access to programs for continued learning and additional certifications
  • Technology-focused
  • Assisted by a fully-staffed marketing department
  • Supported by professional legal counsel


Most real estate professionals and mortgage lenders recommend pre-qualifying for a loan before selecting a home to purchase. This process will help you:

  • Determine the price range you can afford
  • Understand the types of loans you qualify for
  • Determine what your monthly payment will be
  • Estimate the down payment and closing costs

The Loan Process

As your Santa Cruz Real Estate agent, Mark Wise will help you to select a mortgage lender. Once you have made your decision, these are the steps of the process:

Application. All pertinent documentation is obtained. Fees and down payments are discussed, and the borrower will receive a Good Faith Estimate (GFE) and a Truth-in-lending statement (TIL), itemizing the rates and associated costs for the loan.

Documentation. If not already completed in the pre-qualification stage, your Sales Associate will order all necessary supporting documentation. Once inspections are completed, your Associate will order an appraisal on the property. As it comes in, documentation is checked for any irregularities.

Loan Submission. Once all the necessary documentation is in, your completed file is submitted to a lender for approval.

Loan Approval. (Underwriting) Loan approval, or underwriting, generally takes 24 to 72 hours. All parties are notified of the approval and any loan conditions that must be received before the loan can close.

Closing. Once all parties have signed the loan documents, they are returned to the lender. If all the forms have been properly executed, the lender sends the loan funds by wire transfer. At this point, the borrower finishes the loan process and actually buys the house.

Finding and Choosing the Right Home

Based on criteria that you and Mark Wise, your Santa Cruz Real Estate Sales Associate establish together, he will help you find the perfect home. There are many factors to consider in selecting a property, including location, bedroom and bath count, schools and amenities.

Mark Wise, REALTOR® will apply his extensive community knowledge and professional resources to research available properties, and show you the homes that best meet your needs. If you find a property that interests you through the Internet or your own research, let your Mark know so that a showing can be arranged.

As you view different properties, your criteria may change. Open and direct communication with Mr. Wise is a key element of a successful property search.

Making an Offer

Once you have found the Santa Cruz home that you wish to purchase, your real estate agent, Mark Wise will apply his professional training and do all the necessary research to help you structure an effective offer.

This is where Mark’s negotiation skills come into play. When an offer is made, the seller will have the option of accepting, rejecting or counter-offering. Mr. Wise will negotiate the best possible terms for you.

Mark will draft the purchase agreement, advising you of protective contingencies, customary practices, and local regulations. Home warranty, title and escrow arrangements will be detailed in the offer. Although Mr. Wise will give you advice and information, it is your decision as to the exact price and terms that you wish to offer.

Managing the Escrow

When the purchase agreement is accepted and signed by all parties, Mark Wise will open escrow for you and your earnest money will be deposited. The escrow is neutral third party that will receive, hold, and distribute all funds associated with your transaction.

Removing Contingencies

Prior to closing escrow, all of the contingencies of the Purchase Agreement must be met. Mark Wise will coordinate this process. Typical contingencies include:

  • Approval of the seller’s transfer disclosure statement
  • Approval of the preliminary title support
  • Loan approval, including an appraisal of the property
  • Physical inspections of the property
  • Pest inspection and certification
  • Acquisition of homeowner’s insurance

Closing Escrow and Moving In!

When all of the conditions of the purchase agreement have been met, you will sign your loan documents and closing papers. You will deposit the balance of your down payment and closing costs to escrow, and your lender will deposit the balance of the purchase price. The deed will then be recorded at the County Recorder’s office and you will take ownership of your home.

Mark Wise, your Santa Cruz REALTOR® is a valuable source of helpful tips for planning and coordinating your move.

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Tips for Selecting a REALTOR®

Reaching For A HomeYour Santa Cruz Real Estate Professional should be:

  • Aware of the complicated local and state requirements affecting your transaction
  • Effective in multi-party, face-to-face negotiations
  • Highly-trained, with access to programs for continued learning and additional certifications
  • Resourceful in attracting the largest possible pool of potential buyers
  • Knowledgeable in the technology resources that facilitate the transaction
  • Assisted by a fully-staffed marketing department
  • Supported by professional legal counsel

Mark Wise, REALTOR® associated with Century 21 M&M and Associates, is all that and more.

Developing a Marketing Strategy

In order to sell your home quickly and on the best possible terms, it’s necessary to prepare your home for the market. Mark Wise specializes in Santa Cruz Real Estate and he will develop a marketing strategy that includes:

  • Deciding when to put your home on the market
  • Establishing a strategic price based on recent comparable sales, local market conditions and your motivation to sell
  • Estimating probable net proceed
  • Advising you on how to make your home more appealing to potential buyer

Marketing Your Property

As a Santa Cruz Real Estate agent, Mark Wise will help you to select a local mortgage lender. Once you have made your decision, these are the steps of the process:

  • Ordering a “FOR SALE” sign to be placed prominently on your property
  • Installing a lock box to make it easy for agents to show your home
  • Submitting your home to the regional Multiple Listing Service for immediate exposure to the real estate community
  • Arranging Sales Associates in the area to tour the home
  • Developing a flyer/brochure highlighting the features and benefits of your home
  • Promoting your home at the appropriate Association(s) of Realtors’ for maximum exposure to other cooperating agents
  • Holding open houses when appropriate
  • Contacting your neighbors to promote the property
  • Advertising your property on our regular office schedule
  • Featuring your property on our web site
  • Asking clients and colleagues if they know of possible buyers

Negotiating the Offer

Mark will immediately present and explain all offers to you. You will be able to accept, reject, or counter any offer presented. During the negotiation process, Mr. Wise will leverage his experience and skills to advocate your interests:

  • Reviewing the contract and obligations before you sign
  • Explaining how contingencies and release clauses work
  • Protecting you from signing a “blank check” for unknown problems or repairs
  • legal disclosure requirements
  • Orchestrate the offer process for “back-up” offers, if necessary
  • Throughout the negotiation, your Mark Wise will provide you with a professional, objective point of view, but the final decision of accepting an offer is yours.

After the Offer is Accepted

Once an offer is accepted, Mark Wise will manage all the details to make the process as stress-free and efficient as possible:

  • Staying in contact with the buyer’s agent to ensure a smooth escrow
  • Following up on the progress of the buyer’s loan
  • Monitoring all contingency removal deadlines
  • Assisting you if a conflict with the buyer arises

Finalizing and Closing the Transaction

Finalizing the process includes reviewing all closing documents and ensuring both parties have copies. When the transaction has closed, your Santa Cruz Real Estate agent, Mark Wise will deliver the closing check to you and the keys to the new owner.

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